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Ton bag package said
Ton bag package said

I. Overview:

The machine is used for packaging bags weighing materials, it is set electronic weighing, automatic bagging, dust in one of the multi-purpose packaging machine. It has a high degree of automation, high packaging accuracy, packaging speed can be adjusted. The equipment is suitable for cement, mining, building materials, chemicals, food, fertilizer, feed and other industries packaging bags.

Second, the technical parameters:

Weighing range: 0.5-2 tons / bag

Bagging capacity: 0-40 tons / hour

Accuracy: Dynamic Weighing ± 0.5%

Working power: 380V, 50Hz, 11kw

Air supply pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa

Air consumption: 0.6m3 / min

Dust removal rate: 800-2500 m3 / h

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

Third, the main features:

1. For the powder material of the respective characteristics and the use of different requirements of manufacturers, tailored, designed. The equipment is technologically advanced, durable, less wearing parts.

2. Feeding, packaging stepless speed regulation, equipment performance and stability, high precision packaging, fast.

3. Programmable electronic control system, the control process is highly reliable.

4. Dust dustproof design is advanced, reduce the dust pollution in the working environment.

5. Weighing system is weighing the scale of the electronic scale platform, using the full board digital adjustment and parameter setting, with the cumulative weight display and automatic peel, automatic zero calibration, automatic drop correction and other functions, high sensitivity, anti-interference ability The

6. Instrument with a communication interface, easy online networking, the packaging machine can be real-time monitoring and network management.

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