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Granule packing machine
Granule packing machine

The advantages of particle packaging machine :

1, particle packaging machine packaging weight range is generally 20 grams to two kilograms, used to package a variety of particulate materials, the machine work efficiency, the required energy consumption less. More than 300 watts can be put into normal work and production, but the precision of the machine is very high, the space occupied by the general four thousand millimeters by 1000 mm, small footprint, high utilization of the site, less energy consumption.

2, the rolling of particles larger, in the belt transmission should pay attention to the stability of particulate matter and transmission loss, belt conveyor space is also very small, only three thousand mm wide width is only four hundred square meters of space, Greatly increasing the flexibility of the belt, the transmission efficiency can be better guaranteed, and because of their relatively low weight so the required energy consumption is smaller, low energy efficiency is the largest particle packaging machine features. The accuracy of the particle packer is 0.2, and the pressure is typically between 0.4 and 0.6 atmospheres.
3, the basic situation of grain packaging machine is so, we can use it to do a lot of practical work. Reduce the cost of work, polypropylene and polyethylene are the best packaging materials.

product description:

Modular structural design

Intelligent weighing control

Excellent material adaptability

The whole bag, folding machine optional

Technical Parameters:

Product Name CTDL50-1 CTDL50-2

Technical indicators:

product name



Packing net weight

40 ~ 50kg / bag

Packaging speed

300-400 packs / hour

600-800 bags / hour

Applicable materials

Urea, diammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, fertilizer and other fertilizer

Bag form

Plastic woven bags, paper and plastic bags and other forms of open bags

Operating temperature

-20 ° C to 45 ° C

Working humidity

95% (no condensation)

power supply

200VCA; 50Hz, 500w

200VCA; 50Hz, 1000w

Air pressure

0.4! 0.6mpa

Air consumption

15m3 / h

30 m3 / h

Dust removal device

Wind pressure


Air volume

6 m3 / min

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