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Closed pressure resistant coal feeder
Closed pressure resistant coal feeder

The pressure-resistant weighing machine is a kind of feeding, weighing, control and resistance developed on the basis of the electronic belt scale combined with the special needs of the circulating fluidized bed boiler to the coal, weighing and controlling the special needs of the control technology. Pressure and other functions as one of the strict sealed pressure-resistant coal equipment. It is suitable for the direct pressure type feeding system which has the requirements of the turbulent flow field and the fast bed positive pressure fluidized bed boiler. The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient and the continuous, uniform and reliable coal feeding can be realized. In the whole operation process, not only the material can be accurately weighed, showing the instantaneous value of coal, tired weighing. But also according to the boiler combustion control system instructions automatically adjust the amount of coal to control the coal rate to meet the boiler load requirements. Can effectively improve the fluidization of the boiler material, load adjustment fast, easy to adjust the proportion of solid materials, more convenient control of the boiler bed temperature, so that the fuel and desulfurization agent mixture more fully, easy to fully desulfurization. Continuous coal, weighing accurate, stable, energy efficient. It can also be based on user requirements to achieve open-loop, closed-loop flow control and factory network management.

Pressure - resistant Closed Weighing Coal - Main Technical Performance

1. Product Specifications

(1) tape width: 400 ~ 1000mm

(2) conveying capacity: 1 ~ 250t / h

(3) Weighing accuracy: ± 0.5

(4) Control accuracy: ± 1%

(5) shell is the pressure: 0.35Mpa

(6) Speed ??range: 0 ~ 0.2m / s (variable frequency stepless speed control)

(7) Temperature control: <120>

(8) belt high temperature: 120 ℃ ~ 180 ℃ (optional)

(9) status, alarm and other signals: passive, switch signal

(10) Current output: 4-20mA current signal

(11) communication interface: RS232 or RS485C2.

2, coal quality (or material) parameters

Density: 0.8 ~ 1t / m3 (other bulk material density 0.2 ~ 10t / m3)

Size: ≤ 20 mm Moisture: <>

3, drive power:

Main drive power: determined by the amount of delivery

4. Power supply voltage: 380V, 50HZ; 220V, 50HZ

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