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Speed ??scale
Speed ??scale

Speed ???? scale is a collection of transport, weighing weighing and quantitative control as one of the high-tech products. Can be continuous, uniform and accurate on the block, granular, powder material dynamic control, quantitative feeding, continuous weighing. With the microprocessor, actuators and sensors to complete the series of closed-loop control. Widely used in building materials, cement, mining, coal, highway, metallurgy, chemical, power and other industrial occasions.

Body structure features:

(1) the rotation part of the Schenk said that the special motor, so that it directly with the body of the spindle link, eliminating the mechanical vibration of its impact on the weighing.

(2) the use of skirt belt, greatly enhance the application life.

(3) the use of high-precision force parallel beam sensor, eliminating the uneven distribution of the belt on the belt and the longitudinal friction caused by the impact of weighing are not allowed.

Specifications Matching table:

Serial number Specifications Model Flow range (t / h) Belt width (mm) Recommended tonnage (t / h)
1 CTDL0317 0.02-0.5 350 0.04-0.40
2 CTDL0517 0.08-0.8 500 0.16-0.64
3 CTDL0520 0.1-4.0 500/650 0.20-3.50
4 CTDL0620 0.60-10 650 1.20-9.00
5 CTDL0820 2.0-40 800 4.00-36
6 CTDL1020 6.0-100 800/1000 12-90
7 CTDL1220 16-160 1000/1200 32-144
8 CTDL1225 20-300 1200/1400 40-270
9 CTDL1427 35-450 1400/1600 70-405
10 CTDL1430 40-500 1400/1600 80-450
11 CTDL1630 60-600 1600 120-540
12 CTDL1830 80-800 1800 160-720
13 CTDL2030 100-1200 2000 200-1080

Technical Parameters:

parameter name Technical Parameters
Static weighing error ≤ ± 0.25%
Dynamic cumulative error ≤ ± 0.5%
Control error ≤ ± 0.5%
Zero value stability ≤0.0018% Cmax
Repeatability ≤0.05%
Linearity ≤0.05% F · S
Partial load factor ≤0.08%
Leakage current ≤ 10mA
Insulation resistance > 500
Belt width (mm) Lt; / RTI & gt;
Master from the center of the roll 1700,2000,2700mm, may be non-standard
Weighing section length 800mm-1200mm
Repeat the signal 0-20mA / 4-20mA
Speed ??signal 1.0Hz-5.0KHz

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