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First, weighing the form of ingredients system

Weighing ingredients is a very important process in the industrial production, fine chemicals, building materials, feed, metallurgy and other industries in the production process, its accuracy or not on the entire product quality has a pivotal role.

In the past, the factory adopts the artificial way to carry out the batching operation. After the ingredients workers get the daily production work table, the weight of each component is calculated according to the number of ingredients, and then the weight of each component is calculated according to the calculated weight. Material, and finally sent to the electronic scale on the weighing ratio and packaging.

This method of ingredients have several major shortcomings:

1, ingredients work labor intensity, many industry ingredients on the human body damage greater

2, artificial error rate is high, it is difficult to ensure product quality, can not guarantee the production process

3, weighing no weight detection, production data without record, it is difficult to control the production data

4, high labor costs, efficiency at the end, high management costs

For the above deficiencies, the application of electromechanical integrated automatic batching system has greatly promoted the development of intelligent industrial production. Automatic batching system in the form of more types, including weighing weighing instrument control system, PLC weighing batching module, homemade single-chip weighing batching system, based on PLC control weighing instrument conversion weighing weighing system. One of the PLC-based weighing batching system is one of the most popular automation solutions, then we come to understand the next under the PLC-controlled automatic weighing system.

This automatic batching system is a dynamic metering system which integrates transportation, metering, batching and quantitative functions. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mine, glass, refractory, electric power, food and feed industry. application. PLC-based weighing system is mainly composed of PLC, weighing control instrument, scale body, inverter, motor, load cell and so on. This type of system receives the weight signal from the load cell. The weighing control instrument can collect the sensor signal and convert it into other transmittable signals. At the same time, the weighing instrument can also set the output signal as simple as the switch signal. The weight and switch control signal sent by the PLC to carry out a comprehensive control of the ingredients and other equipment according to the specific control of the implementation of ingredients.

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