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Weight loss feeder
Weight loss feeder

Weightless scale batching system is a continuous static weighing weighing equipment. Widely used in cement, glass, metallurgy, chemical, food, feed and other industries. Such as: cement plant raw materials ingredients, clinker ingredients, power, chemical industry, batching process, glass factory ingredients process, grain and oil, feed production process. The system is characterized by static focus, high precision, simple structure, high reliability, dustproof node, low cost, easy operation, suitable for national conditions, and can be used in the state of the country. And mill load, component detection system closed - loop control.
Weightless scale batching system - working principle: feeding machine and weighing hopper is a soft link, gravity separation, cutting machine is also a soft link, but its gravity and weighing hopper as a whole by the three tension sensor support , By the weighing bucket inside the column. When working, the feed is first fed to the weighing bucket by the feed motor, and the feed is stopped when a given upper limit of the given weight is reached. After a period of time, the cutting machine starts discharging, and when unloading to a given weight lower limit, stop the discharge; repeat the action. The flow of the material is measured by the weight of the material lost in the silo to determine, so called weightlessness scales.
System control host using standard industrial control computer, reliable performance; can control two mill, 16 scale weighing ingredients weighing. And there are formula calculation, automatic component input, multi-page display, automatic online reminder. And can be easily configured with the host computer distributed control (DCS);
Weightless scale batching system - system technical indicators and functions:
1, the system weighing accuracy ≤ ± 0.5%
2, the computer power supply: 220V +10%; 50Hz, 500M A.
3,1-16 points of material ratio weighing. Single station when the maximum output: 45T / h
4, the input content of artificial ingredients, automatic calculation of ingredients ratio.
5, with a host computer feed control, mill load closed-loop control interface, can be achieved on the machine instructions or mill load automatic control.
6, can be equipped with multi-element analysis of automatic signal input interface.
7, the machine's data protection battery, can automatically on the clock, all data power-down protection.
8, with a communication interface, with the central control room management machine connected to form a network, according to work needs, can also be configured for remote communication.
Weightless scale batching system - System working conditions:

1, ambient temperature: -10 ℃ - +40 ℃

2, the power supply voltage: 220V ± 10%

3, the power frequency: 50Hz ± 4

4, relative humidity: ≤ 85%

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