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Powder dosing machine
Powder dosing machine

The device absorbs foreign technology, combined with the domestic industry with the development of a technology specifically for the powder material dynamic weighing equipment. Machine technical indicators to achieve the leading domestic level. Can be continuous, uniform and accurate on the self-flow of the loose material for dynamic weighing and quantitative feeding, to ensure that the system does not run material, no dust, no blocking material, with high instantaneous control accuracy, a wide flow regulation Range, to cope with high dust concentration of the harsh working environment.

System components:

Pre-feeder (screw feeder, etc.)

Seal the feed tank

Weighing belt scale

Weight sensor

speed sensor

Frequency converter

control unit

Technical Parameters:

Feeding capacity: 0.5-1000M3 / h

Weighing accuracy: ≤0.5%

Belt specifications: 800-1600mm

Speed ??control mode: frequency control

Control mode: single speed or synchronous dual speed

Feed regulation: 10: 1

Work: continuous operation

Load cell: 0.02 FS%

Speed ??sensor: pulse 0-2KHz

Control: instrument, computer, PLC

model Flow range (t / h) Belt speed (m / s) Load cell (kg) Belt width (mm)
CTMF-0625 0.2-4.0 0.254 50 650
CTMF -0825 4.0-40 0.621 70/100 650/800
CTMF -1025 8.0-80 0.1725 100 800/1000
CTMF -1225 16-160 0.2661 150 1200
CTMF-1425 25-250 0.2404 200 1400
CTMF-1630 50-500 0.2403 200 * 2 1600

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