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Spiral scale dosing machine
Spiral scale dosing machine

Screw scale quantitative feeder technical parameters :

parameter name Technical Parameters
Static weighing error ≤ ± 0.50%
Dynamic cumulative error ≤ ± 1.0%
Control error ≤ ± 1.0%
Zero value stability ≤0.0035% Cmax
Repeatability ≤0.05%
Linearity ≤0.05%
Spiral diameter Φ 133- Φ 560mm
The distance between the inlet and outlet Screw feeder 3000mm, spiral weighing scale 1200-1500mm, non-standard
Weight signal 0-20mA / 4-20mA
Speed ??signal 1.0Hz-5.0KHz

Main performance characteristics:

Scale body composition Screw feeder, screw weighing scale, load cell, speed sensor, drive motor
frame Made from seamless steel pipe, high strength, good stability.
Weighing institutions Full suspension weighing mechanism, uniform force, high precision transmission, linearity and repeatability
Spiral blade Screw blade special treatment, wear, steady flow, blocking material
Assembly method Bearing external, easy to repair replacement
Sealed form Bearings are multi-layer high temperature graphite packing, sealing effect is good, no powder overflow
Drive motor Direct drive shaft drive, drive torque, smooth operation, high rotation efficiency, low noise, long life, variable frequency motor, forced cold
protective device Actuator protection, the lower part of the feed port set up settlement area, which can effectively remove debris
protective device The discharge port is arranged on the outlet to facilitate maintenance and calibration
Dual frequency adjustment Feeder and weighing scale synchronous adjustment, material filling rate is stable, effectively guarantee the weighing accuracy
Weighing instrument VEGECK instrument / PLC / MC-1706 computer system

Specifications Matching table:

model Flow (m3 / h) Spiral Diameter (mm) Reference flow (m3 / h) Remarks
CTLX-Φ133 0.1-1.0 Φ 133 0.2-0.8 Center from the non-standard
CTLX-Φ159 0.-3.0 Φ 159 1.0-2.0
CTLX-Φ219 2.0-10 Φ 219 4.0-8.0
CTLX-Φ245 4.0-20 Φ 245 6.0-16
CTLX-Φ273 5.0-25 Φ 273 8.0-20
CTLX-Φ 299 6.0-30 Φ 299 10-24
CTLX-Φ325 8.0-40 Φ 325 12-32
CTLX-Φ350 12-60 Φ 350 20-48
CTLX-Φ377 16-80 Φ 377 25-64 Can be used double pipe feeder
CTLX-Φ402 20-100 Φ 402 30-80 Can be used double pipe feeder
CTLX-Φ-450 24-120 Φ 450 36-96 Can be used double pipe feeder
CTLX-Φ-500 32-160 Φ 500 40-120 Can be used double pipe feeder
CTLX-Φ-560 40-200 Φ 560 50-160 Can be used double pipe feeder

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