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Rubber batching system
Rubber batching system

Rubber batching system product introduction Batching system is the key process of plastic rubber production process, the accuracy of ingredients directly affect the quality of plastics and rubber. The hardware in the plastic and rubber compound control system solution includes weighing devices, dosing tanks and storage tanks. The raw material tank, the weighing device, the dosing tank, the storage tank and the foam production line are connected in turn through the feed pipe; each feed pipe is provided with a valve and connected with a pump. The detection assembly includes a microswitch and a liquid level detection device. The actuators include agitators, valves and pumps. The agitator is located in the dosing tank, and the feed pipe is respectively equipped with a valve and connected with a pump. The controller has an instruction receiving unit and an instruction sending unit, the command receiving unit connects the weighing device and the detecting component, receives the detection information, and sends the unit connection execution component. The host computer, connected to the controller, receives the detection information in the controller and displays it, and receives the external control instruction. The entire batching process without personnel involved, thereby improving production efficiency and reduce costs.
Product advantages
1, the dynamic process display screen, the entire process of automatic control, the operator can visually monitor the entire display through the color control process, including the silo conveyor equipment working conditions, weighing data, mixer and a variety of process gate valve working status Wait;
2, parameter changes, more flexible function settings, a high degree of intelligent system;
3, the output data can be deposited into the hard disk;
4, leaving the network port;
5, the system can detect real-time monitoring, display, storage, print the instantaneous signal, variables, parameters;
6, can be set up system anti-misuse and other functions;
7, with self-diagnostic function;
8, process management intuitive display, print output products can be consumed, storage, ingredients report.
10, the set of high precision system ingredients. Far higher than the manual manual ingredients, to achieve automatic ingredients.
The main parameters for power: AC220V, 500W
Ingredients: A refining rubber, pharmaceutical material types: up to hundreds of weighing accuracy: A refining 1 grams, 0.01 grams of drugs to confirm: bar code scanning way Weighing confirmation: electronic computer connection control drug control: material cabinet switch Computer control Drug capacity: single cabinet 20 kg Ingredients: computer control recipe control: computer management material control: computer database management

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