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Biaxial blender
Biaxial blender

Performance and Application of Biaxial Humidifying Mixer

The equipment is suitable for coal-fired power station dry ash conveyor system, for dry ash and water mixing. The machine can be successfully made of dry ash moisture content of about 25% of the wet ash loading, can also be made of dry ash high concentration mortar, shipping Sinotrans or belt conveyor and so on. The machine has a compact structure, stirring evenly, no dust, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Processing capacity of 10-200 tons / hour, according to user requirements with computer control, thermal power plant is the ideal equipment for dealing with fly ash.

Structural characteristics of double - shaft humidifier

1, hardened gear reducer and torque limiter, so that equipment operation is safe and secure.

2, a reasonable spray device, so that gray water mixture to achieve the best results.

3, high wear-resistant materials made of blender blades, mixer is a long life, the normal operation of a reliable guarantee.

4, the design of reasonable shaft seat and sealing device structure, not only easy maintenance, and the water leakage, take the phenomenon completely eliminated.

5, increase the pre-added water, so that the mixing effect is better.

6, spacious flip over the door so that maintenance work comfortable and relaxed.

7, flexible and reliable electrical control system, so that the operation is safe and simple.

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