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Motor vibration feeder
Motor vibration feeder

CT series frequency conversion inertial vibration feeder is a new type of third-generation feeding equipment, Japan, West Germany, the United States has been widely used in this series of products, it will replace China's first two generations of the original disc feeder and electromagnetic vibration feeding machine. The machine has been used as a new technology in the metallurgical, power, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, light industry and other industries to promote the use of a large area, the aircraft is an economic and technical indicators advanced feeding equipment.

1, variable speed control inertial vibration feed with advanced design, reasonable structure, the technical indicators to meet the design requirements, its good performance, stable and reliable operation, can be far away on-line smooth stepless speed regulation, the operation is very convenient.

2, economic and social benefits is very significant. Compared with the conventional electromagnetic vibration feeder:

(1) Increased productivity by 50%.

(2) saving more than 59%.

(3) machine power factor up to 0.98.

(4) Maintenance time reduced by 30%.

(5) The noise is reduced from 1 80 dB to 80 dB.

(6) equipment weight reduction of more than 50%.

(7) to improve the level of automation technology, coal, electricity, light industry and other departments generally promote the efficient energy-saving frequency conversion inertia vibration feeder to replace the current widespread use of low efficiency, energy consumption, maintenance of difficult electromagnetic Vibration feeder.

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