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CT series of high field strength magnetic separator
CT series of high field strength magnetic separator

CT series of high field strength magnetic separator is my company independently invented for the weak magnetic minerals and non-metallic mineral iron removal of a new type of equipment, widely used in mica powder, quartz sand, potassium (sodium) feldspar, Nepheline, fluorite, sillimanite, spodumene, kaolin, manganese ore, weak magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite, hematite, limonite, siderite, ilmenite , Chromite, black tungsten ore, tantalum and niobium ore, red mud and so on. Can also be used for high-demand materials in addition to iron operations.

Working principle Flat high field magnetic separator mainly by the rack, plate magnetic separation system, feed sorting system, transmission system, unloading system, regulating system and other structural components.

Work, the material flow and unloading system into the reverse counter-current, non-magnetic material using the principle of physical structure gravity flow to the stainless steel feeder plate, the outlet outflow, complete sorting operations. Magnetic material by the high field strength magnetic field multi-zone, long distance adsorption after sorting, by the unloading iron transmission system reverse operation to the iron mouth, the demolition of water to achieve a clean purpose.

Performance characteristics Flat high field magnetic separator Magnetic system using the most advanced computer simulation design system, make full use of the principle of magnetic repulsion adsorption, so that the magnetic field of high strength, rationalization, so as to protect the scope of work on non-magnetic materials and magnetic materials Completely separated.

All magnetic systems are made of high field strength rare earth NdFeB assembled, fully sealed structure, anti-oxidation, to protect the magnetic environment within ten years magnetic field consumption of not more than 5%, does not affect the normal use.

Transmission system with excellent performance of the stepless speed motor, fully automatic continuous work and unloading iron, save manpower, reliable and trouble-free operation.

The feed sorting system adopts the dynamic screening structure, so that the material enters the magnetic separation area evenly and the pulp concentration meets the ore dressing requirement, so that the sorting effect is more effective.

Water system uses a large flow of multi-branch control system, so that the pipeline through the valve control the size of the various places.

Machine structure symmetry, all parts of the material contact with stainless steel or non-magnetic material, to avoid secondary pollution of the equipment on the material. If necessary, important parts can be wear-resistant treatment.

Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

The main technical parameters:

model Magnetic area size Processing capacity Maximum magnetic field strength Sorting granularity Total power
CTSP-1 500 * 2000mm 500 * 1500mm 0.5-1t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 1.1kw
CTSP-2 600 * 2000mm 600 * 1500mm 1-2t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 1.5kw
CTSP-3 800 * 2000mm 800 * 1500mm 2-3t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 2.2kw
CTSP-5 1000 * 2000mm 1000 * 1500mm 3-5t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 3.0kw
CTSP-6 1200 * 2000mm 1200 * 1500mm 5-6t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 4.0kw
CTSP-8 1500 * 2000mm 1500 * 1800mm 6-8t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 5.5kw
CTSP-10 1800 * 2000mm 1500 * 1800mm 8-10t / h 13000-18000gs ≤ 5mm 7.5kw

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